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Vancouver Real Estate Market Update

If you’ve been following the real estate headlines lately, you may feel as though you’re still riding on the wooden roller coaster at the PNE, with a blindfold on and no idea of what lies ahead.

Everyone has an opinion about where the housing market’s headed, and every day there’s a new report warning of dangers or trumpeting opportunities. 

Even experts who spend every waking hour reading the tea leaves still get it wrong. For example, people who have been trying to time the “bottom” of the market got reminded of the costs of not acting when the Bank of Canada raised interest rates this week. 

This volatility has left a lot of people confused and stressed. So I like to remind my clients of something that’s easy to forget…

You aren’t in the housing market: You are in the market for a home.

There’s a big difference. Especially on the West Coast, where we’ve become accustomed to stellar gains in house prices, it’s easy to forget that the fundamentals still apply. 

Focus on finding the right home for you, one that you love and that you can afford. Then you can stop reading the headlines, get off that roller coaster, and move into your very own “Dream Home.”